Field 2020

During the 3rd reporting period and according to decision of modelling ER55 seminar (have been held 18th March 2020) about equalization of snapshot of benthos and periphyton sampling localities in the Russian side of co-operation the extensive field work has been managed and fulfilled in August-September (see the photo of the cater “Risk”navigation system screen and lithological map with sampling localities). The area covers the space along expressed natural and men-mediated gradients and contributes our knowledge on biodiversity and sea uses  (including nature protection) in the Gulf of Finland

Seasonal observations on dispersal stages of invasive species have been continued (March-October) in unique locality, situated in protected area Kurgalsky nature reserve (see photos below).

This is short watercourse connecting the Gulf of Finland and brackishwater lake (The Lipovkovkoe Lake) serving as spawning area for Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras).